About Galaxy Energy

We specialize in designing, installation and maintenance of solar energy products and services. We design systems customized to our clients’ energy requirements.

The company undertakes work throughout Tanzania for residential, commercial, retail, industrial premises; government and non government organizations. Typical projects range from new electrical and solar infrastructure installations on new premises; to existing electrical and solar installation modifications and maintenance.

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Why Us

  • Our Mission

    To provide reliable electrical and solar energy services by trading in genuine quality equipment, provide value for money for all customers; and act with utmost honesty, trustworthiness and professionalism 

  • Our Vision

    To become the most reliable company in providing renewable energies as a modern source of energy in East Africa;

We’re in it for the long-haul

Solar isn’t just our business, it’s our mission. Our commitment to making solar accessible is deep-rooted and long-term, and our solidly-established business is growing steadily East africa.

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